Friday, October 3, 2014

Reduce energy consumption principles

In this post, I discussed the importance of using less energy. I have skimmed over what is an enormous subject. The motivations are something I would like to discuss more, but here I will say merely that if you believe in action on climate change, the only current effective action is to use less. Humans are in the process of destroying the natural systems that sustain us. 75% of our wealth is estimated to be provided, for free, by natural systems -- if we destroy those systems we will be (at best) impoverished.

Every proposed political mechanism is a means to use market forces (or other economic coercion) to encourage people to use less. We can use less right now! Not only will you save money, you can get a great return on investment and prepare yourself for a future where we use less energy -- a future that is well on its way to becoming reality.

In subsequent posts, I will detail some principles of using less energy.

This sequence of posts will then inform (and provide a reference point for) a series of posts detailing some of the design choices I have made at my house.

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