Friday, October 3, 2014

Bike to work day

Cycling organisations like bikeSA often promote initiatives like bike to work day. I think this is a good way of encouraging people to view cycling as a means of transport instead of just something fun to do.

I think that bikeSA should also consider running a drive to work day -- where everyone who would normally cycle, drives instead (with the consequent traffic chaos). Perhaps this would help motorists to appreciate the service that cyclists are providing and discredit the idea that cyclists are freeloading.

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  1. Nice idea Angus! I can just imagine what that would look like! You should totally suggest that to the citizen's forum on at the moment about cars vs bikes.

    I've been enjoying your blog - thanks for sharing it via choir.


    Nat W.

  2. Glad you like it! I'm not sure of the details of the citizen's forum though -- will try to look it up. Feel free to pass on the idea if you have connections ;-)

    Cheers, Angus


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